Pics of Bill coming soon!

Bill x Sailor
F1 Mini Aussie doodles 

Born 11-30-2021
Ready to go 1-25-2021

1 black bi male, 1 sable female and 1 sable merle female

This cross is super exciting! This is our first Aussiedoodle litter and we are thrilled about where this adventure is going to take us. If you're wondering why you're not seeing Sailor listed on my website, it's because this litter is co-owned! Sailor was produced and born here with me, she now resides with and is loved by our good friend Cora and her family. Sailor is a Carlos X Hope daughter. She is a Mini Australian Shepherd, stands 14" tall and is sweet as can be. She loves everyone and is a joy to have around. 

Bill is a new addition here and he's not made it to my website yet. He is a poodle! Bill stands 13." We will get new pics of him soon. He is a black based, cream colored stocky boy, weighing about 12 lbs. 

These babies are F1 Aussiedooldes. F1 means that they are first generation. The point of doodling is to create puppies that shed minimally or not at all, while still getting to love and admire the breed the poodle was crossed on. For F1s we cannot guarantee a completely hypoallergenic coat, but we can guarantee they will shed less than a traditional Aussie coat. 

Sailor BBM
Brown eyes

Sailor's Sable Female
Congrats Linda! Thank you for choosing Rustic Lace again!


Sailor Sable Merle Female
Pet Price: $2000
Spoken for! This baby has a family!