Carlos X Chance

Chance is 14.25"                            Carlos is 17"

Born Oct 22nd 

Ready Dec 17th

This is the second time we have done this cross! Chance's pups are usually her size or smaller and it appears this litter will stick with the trend. Expecting them to mature 13-15"

Chance was born and raised here, she is 1st generation Rustic Lace. Her dam is Kit, sire is Cowboy. Most of her pups are laid back and very sweet with loving dispositions. Carlos was born and raised here as well and is also 1st generation Rustic Lace. His dam is Rowdie, sire is Kid. This is his first litter! Super excited to see how these babies turn out! 


1 BMM, 1 RMM, 1 RTF, 1 BBF, and 1 BTM

Chance RTF

Congratulations Justine & Alfredo!

This pretty girl is headed to California!

Chance BBF

On hold

Chance RMM 

Congratulations Hannah Lee! This baby is headed to Connecticut! 

Chance BMM

Thank you for choosing Rustic Lace Thabie! This baby is headed to Ohio!

Chance BTM

Huge Congratulations to Arti & Utkarsh! This baby is headed to California!

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