Carlos X Hope
Hope is 14.25"                            Carlos is 17"

Born Nov 8th 
Ready Jan 3rd
Expecting puppies to mature between 13-17" depending on the puppy (Most appear to be 14-16")

Hope was born and raised here, she is 1st generation Rustic Lace. Her dam is Kit, sire is Cowboy. A lot of her pups have gone to herding trial and agility type homes. Carlos was born and raised here as well and is also 1st generation Rustic Lace. His dam is Rowdie, sire is Kid. This is his first litter! Super excited to see how these babies turn out! 
1 BMF, 3 BBF and 2 BTF 


Hope BTF
Currently on hold pending evals!

Hope BBM
Brown Eyes
Pet Price: $1200


Hope BMM1
Blue Eyes
Pet Price: $2000

Hope BMM2
One blue eye and one brown eye
Pet price: $2000