Cowboy X Molly

Born 1-31-2020

Ready to go 3-28-2020

1 BMF and 3 BTF

This cross is super exciting! If you're wondering why you're not seeing Molly listed on my website, it's bc Molly is in a co-own/ guardian home with one of my best friends, Cora Howell. Molly was bred and raised by me. Molly is by Mayzee and Kid. She's full panel clear and 11.5" tall.


If you love Gringo, this is a great cross to watch for! These babies are closely related to him. 

These puppies will be clear or carrier for mdr1, panel clear for the rest. Expecting 11-13" (10-15 lbs)


Molly BTF1

This baby has found her home!


Molly BMF

Congrats Daniel Garcia! This baby is headed to Florida!

Pet Price: $2000


Molly BTF2

Pet Price: $1400

Expecting this baby to mature to possibly a small mini 18-25 lbs

Molly BTF3

Pet Price: $1400

Congrats Cynthia! This baby is headed to TX!