Easy X Crash

Easy is 13.5"                            Crash is 12.25"

Born 12-28-2019

Ready 2-22-2020

This is a first time cross, these babies are full panel clear! Possibly expecting all colors, puppies should mature between 12-15" 

Easy was born and raised here, she is 2nd Generation Rustic Lace. Her dam is Summer, sire is Rosco. Easy's granddam is Riot and grandsire is Quinn. 

1 BMF, 1 BMM, 1 BTM 

Easy BMF 

Thank you Jessica for choosing Rustic Lace! 

Easy BMM 

Thank you Aubrie and Harrison! Congrats on your new addition! 

Easy BTM 

Pet Price: $1000

Breeding Price: $1500

Brown Eyes

Expecting 14-15"

Easy X Crash


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