Luke X Risky

Born 1-28-2021

Ready to go March 25th!

We are over the moon with the excitement for this cross! If you're looking for a fun-loving, do everything with you type of puppy, these babies are for you! Luke does it all but isn't too high energy and Risky is a relaxed mellow sweet girl. Id expect this cross to be a nice blend of the two. 

These puppies will be clear or carrier for mdr1, panel clear for the rest. Expecting 13-15" (18-30 lbs depending on the puppy)

There are 2 black tri females, 2 blue merle female and 2 blue merle males  


Risky BMF1

I am thrilled to say this baby is headed to another repeat family! Congrats Kristin D.! 

Risky BMF2

On Hold 

Pending Evaluations


Risky BTF1

Staying here!

Risky BTF2

Congratulations Kevan! This baby is headed to California 


Risky BMM1

Congratulations Jayme Mora and family! This baby is headed to California!

Pet Price: $2500

Risky BMM2

Congratulations Levi! Thank you for choosing

Rustic Lace