SunBear X Shadow

SunBear is 13.25"                            Shadow is 13.5"

Born 7-24-2020

Ready 9-18-2020

This is a first time cross, these babies are full panel clear! Puppies should mature between 13-15" 

Sunbear was born and raised here and is now co-owned and residing with Cora @ Blue Hue Aussies. He is 2nd Generation Rustic Lace. His dam is Hope, sire is Mikey. SunBear's granddam is Kit and grandsire is Cowboy. Cora purchased Shadow from another breeder but is also from Rustic Lace lines. She is a Jordyn daughter, and a Quinn granddaughter 

2 BMF, 1 BMM, 2 BTF and 1 BTM

Shadow BMF  #1

Pet Price: $1600

Breeding Price $2500

Shadow BMF #2

On Hold for Cora

Shadow BTF1 

Pet Price: $1200

Breeding Price: $2000

Shadow BTF2 

Pet Price: $1200

Breeding Price: $2000

Shadow BMM 

Pet Price: $1500

or Breeding Price: $2500

Shadow BTM 

Pet Price: $1000

Breeding Price: $2000

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