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Sundell X Flo
Sundell is 11.5"                            Flo is 15"

Born 2-7-2023
Ready 4-4-2023
This is a first time cross! Puppies should mature between 13-15" 

Flo was born and raised here and is 2nd generation Rustic Lace. Her dam is Hope, sire is Carlos. Flo's granddam is Kit and grandsire is Cowboy on the dams side. Her granddam is Rowdie and grandsire is Kid on her sire's side. 

1 RMF, 1 BTF, 1 RMM and 2 RTM

Pet Price: $2500
On hold for Hayden P.!

Pet Price: $1000
Brown Eyes
Medium to large toy

Flo RTM1
Pet Price: $1000
One blue eye and one amber eye
Small mini

Flo RMM 
Pet Price: $2500
Congratulations Jennie!! This baby is staying in Oklahoma!

Flo RTM2
Pet Price: $1000
Amber Eyes
Small Mini

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