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Meet the breeder...

I am a smaller hobby breeder of Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds. I couldn't possibly love this breed anymore then I already do. Originally from Northern California but relocated to the Southern part of Oklahoma for a job opportunity in August 2012.... And this is where the fun with the Mini's has started!​ Having some veterinary background and a true love for this breed I feel I will always be able to provide great, consistent care for my puppies (and of course all the rest of the critters). Therefore making every puppy a healthy, happy new addition to your home.


How I got started...

​​After losing what was one of the best dogs I will ever own, I decided I wanted another happy and fun loving dog just like him. I did some research, the closest breed to his personality type I could find was an Australian Shepherd. In my research I discovered the Mini, and could not wait to get one! Without knowing much else about the breed I found myself answering the first ad I could. I went to the breeders house and picked out what was supposed to be my very first Mini Aussie puppy, she was already 6 months old, and I named her Jenny. She is still my pride and joy today... But is most definitely NOT a mini. She ended up being a large and fluffy 49 lbs!
I love Jenny to death, but she just wasn't the size I was looking for. In the years that I've had her, I've had more people stop and ask me about puppies from her then I have ever experienced. When I first brought her home I made the quick decision to have her spayed right away.. And for good reason! Mostly some issues with her temperament and being too timid, but I still back my decision today.. She just wasn't meant to have puppies!
That being said, when I started looking into the Mini Aussie again, I knew that eventually I would want to start showing and breeding these gorgeous dogs. So I have made it my goal to only have quality dogs.
Being a small breeder I try to focus on quality, not quantity. Disposition of my Aussies is always put first. Most people look into getting a new puppy just to add a pet to their home, so if its not a dog I would want to have in my home.. Then they don't need to be bred! I want all of my puppies to not only be gorgeous show quality dogs but amazing companions as well. Ear set, head shape, body structure and movement are something I try to improve on in every litter. I also do my very best to only have Aussies that are considered to be small Mini's or large Toy's.



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