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Rustic Lace Bullmastiffs

Originally I had no intentions of expanding into a Bullmastiff program. After 1 litter in 2016, we took a long break. Spayed our first bullmastiff girl and just admired other programs from a distance. My love for the breed and dreams of showing them in AKC just wouldn't fade. I kept  following show stats and studying pedigrees. Finally in early 2019 I decided I wasnt ready to quit and started looking for my next show prospect. Our first show prospects traveled home from Hungary in March 2020.

Below you will find info on each girl. Including my very first. Click the underlined links to see more info on each girl.



At this time Grace is our only breeding/ intact bullmastiff bitch
Grace whelped a litter July 13th, 2023. We will be breeding her back on her next cycle (sire to be determined). Her Next litter should be due January 2024


Intl/ Natl Champion Doin Hot Shots with Rustic Lace 


*Spayed and Retired*

AKC Grand Champion
Large Black von Sarah
*Hungarian Import*


*Spayed and retired*

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