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Frequently Asked Question's
​Where are you located?

We are in the Southern part of Oklahoma. About an hour south of Oklahoma City.

Are you willing to ship a puppy?

I no longer ship cargo, instead we use a flight nanny. Puppy goes from our airport to yours in the comfort of the nanny's lap. Using a flight nanny typically runs about $600-800, flight nanny costs vary depending on who we book. Please inquire for further information.


If I want to purchase a puppy, how much is a deposit?

The price of the deposit is dependent on the puppy and the litter itself, it ranges $300-$1000.The remaining balance is due by the time the puppy is ready to go. Im happy to take payments as well. 


What is included with my puppy?

Your puppy will have its tail docked, dew claws removed and be current on all vaccines, worming, and be vet checked before it leaves our home. We will also include something from home to go with the puppy to help with the transition to your home (such as a piece of a blanket or a stuffed toy that smells like his or her litter-mates and mom). Registration application paperwork is also included.

Do you do health testing on your dogs?

Yes, we do health testing. We are currently waiting on results on a few of our dogs. If you are interested in knowing results on our dogs, and I for some reason haven't listed it on our website yet, feel free to contact me.


Do you take PayPal?

Yes, we take PayPal. Deposit may be placed via PayPal. The remaining balance needs to be paid in cash, direct transfer or check. Contact me if you are interested in paying for your puppy this way and I can get the process started for you. Zelle, venmo, direct wire transfer, Cashapp, all of those are acceptable as well. Full balance must be paid in full/ cleared into my account before puppy can leave. 


Do you allow visitors to come to your home to pick out a puppy?

 We have to be very careful about who and what comes through our door because our puppies and myself could be at risk.. So please forgive me for being cautious! With todays day and age its sometimes too hard to decipher if someone is being honest or intends to cause harm. Therefore the only home visits I allow are families whom have already placed a non refundable deposit. After that has been done, due to vaccine protocol, the puppy that they picked out needs to be at least 7 weeks of age before I can allow anyone else to handle the puppy. 


Should something come up and I am no longer able to keep my puppy, will you take it back?

Absolutely. We actually stipulate in our contract that if you can no longer keep your puppy or dog, even at 10 years of age, we want him or her to come back to us. We do not want any of our babies to end up in shelters or bouncing from home to home. No matter what the issue is, we are always happy to have our babies back home.


Where do you raise your puppies?

We raise our puppies in our home. We do not whelp our litters out in a kennel. Every litter is closely watched. We feel this is the best way to keep our babies well socialized. It is also the best way for us to really get a good feel and understanding as to what each puppy is going to be like, therefore a better opportunity to match the right pup to the perfect home.

Do you provide a health guarantee on your puppies?

​Yes! Any and all good breeders should! We offer a 1 year health guarantee for any genetic defects such as serious eye defects, deafness, or hip dysplasia. Should a problem arise, each situation will be dealt with on a case by case basis.



What registry do you use?

For our Aussies we currently use ASDR and some are dual registered with AKC as Australian Shepherds.

For our bullmastiffs we currently use AKC and some are dual registered with UKC and FCI.

Pre-deposits or waitlists?! 

Do I keep a waitlist? No. I have tried to keep a wait list in the past and it never worked out for me. I now keep a list of families that have placed a pre-deposit on my upcoming litters. Those that have pre-deposits with me get notified when girls cycle, as we do ultrasounds to confirm pregnancies and get to pick before I list the puppies elsewhere. Pre-deposits apply towards the total balance, are nonrefundable, and everyone picks in the order that the deposits were received. If I dont have something for you to choose from in one litter, then your deposit keeps rolling to the next litter until I do. Sometimes I only have a couple pre-deposits. Sometimes I have up to 20. If interested in getting a deposit with me to secure your spot, please call or text, as it is much faster to reach me that way (530) 513-3569

Predeposit for pet only puppies is $300-600

Predeposit for a puppy with breeding rights is $600-1000

Do you sell with breeding rights?

Rarely. But please don't be scared to ask about purchasing with breeding rights. I  am happy to help get you started on your dreams and goals. I just want to ensure that I am doing my due diligence and ensuring my puppies are going to the best of homes.


If you are interested in purchasing a puppy with breeding rights, expect to fill out a questionnaire and and complete a phone interview.

Expect to provide pictures of your home and facilities.

Expect to provide a vet reference. 

You must be prepared to be matched to a puppy. I will not sell just any puppy with breeding rights as not all puppies are breed/ show quality. Please understand that perfect puppies don't sit on shelves, I may have what you're looking for right now, but it could also be over a year wait. 


Those wanting breeding rights will pick out their puppy at birth, we will do temperament and conformation evaluations starting at 5 weeks. Week by week I update the buyer on what I  am seeing and if I think the puppy is an appropriate fit. The new family will get to make the final decision based on my feedback, pictures and videos. 



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