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Carlos X Madonna
Born 12-10-2021
Ready to go Feb 4th, 2021

Im so excited to see Carlos babies again! His first litters were exceptional! They love water and have all settled in so well to their new homes. 
If you're wondering why you're not seeing Madonna listed on my website, it's bc Madonna is in a co-own/ guardian home with one of my best friends, Cora Howell. Madonna was bred and raised by me. She is by Boots and Mikey. She's full panel clear and 15" tall.

 Expecting 14-17" (20-30 lbs)

2 blue merle females, 1 blue merle male, 2 black tri females, and 1 black bi female  

Madonna BMF #1
Large toy/ Small mini 
Pet Price: $2000

This baby is headed to Arizona with Mariah!

Madonna BMF #2
On Hold for Cora!!
Inquire or pricing if interested!

Madonna BBF
Small mini
Pet Price: $1500


Madonna BTF2
Small mini
Pet Price $1500
Congrats to the Edmonson family in Florida!

Madonna BMM

Pet Price: $2000
Congrats to the Diven family in Tulsa!!

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