Cowboy x Karen

1 BMF, RBF, 1 BTF, 1 BBF, & 1 RTM


This is going to be such a fun litter!! Expecting this litter to be tiny toys with excellent outgoing dispositions! 

These babies are red factored and clear or carrier for mdr1. Expecting them to mature to 10-12.5" 


Ready 12-22-2020

Second pick tri/ bi female is going to Samantha and Andy in North Carolina! 

Karen BMF

Thank you Julie for coming back for your 3rd Rustic Lace baby! I appreciate you! 

Karen RTM

Thank you to the Piercy's for choosing Rustic Lace! This baby is headed to Nebraska! 

Karen BTF  

Congratulations to the Dewars! Very Thankful you and your family have chosen to get another baby from me!

Karen RBF

On hold

Karen BBF

On hold

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