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Kid X Marge
Kid is 12.5"                            Marge is 14"

Born Jan 8th 
Ready March 5th
Expecting puppies to mature between 13-15" depending on the puppy

Marge was born and raised here, she is 4th generation Rustic Lace. Her dam is Risky, sire is Luke. Her disposition is just exceptional. Matched with Kid expect her puppies to be just as biddable and easy to raise as she was. This is her first litter! Super excited to see how these babies turn out! 
2 BMM and 1 BTM 


Marge BMM1
Pet Price: $2000
Congrats Kara W. in Muskogee!

Marge BTM
Pet Price: $1200

One blue eye and one brown! Expecting 15-18 lbs

Marge BMM2

Pet Price: $1500
Congrats to the Coleman family in Wichita Falls!


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