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Luke X Butters 
Born 12-11-2021
Ready to go 2-5-2021

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of 6 gorgeous babies! If you're looking for a fun-loving, do everything with you type of puppy, these babies are for you! Luke does it all but isn't too high energy and Butters is a relaxed mellow sweet girl like her momma Risky. Id expect this cross to be a nice blend of the two. 
If you're wondering, the reason you're not finding a page for Butters is because she is co-owned with Cora! Butters was born here @ Rustic Lace. She is a Kid and Risky daughter.

These puppies are full panel clear and it looks like they are going to be pretty small. Expecting 12-14" (10-18 lbs depending on the puppy)

There is 2 BTF,  2 BMM and 2 BTM


Butters BTF #1
Found her family here in Oklahoma!!

Butters BTF#2
Also found her home here locally in Oklahoma! 


Butters BMM #2
 Pet Price: $2000
Marbled eyes


Butters BMM #1
Pet Price: $2000
One blue eye & one brown eye


Butters BTM #1 
Pet Price: $1200
Brown eyes

Butters BTM #2
Pet Price: $1200
This baby is headed to the Potash family in Massachusetts!

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