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Sundell x Beans 
Sundell is 11.5"                             Beans is 12.5"

These are Toy Aussies! 
January 30th 
Ready March 27th 

Expecting puppies to mature between 10 and 15 lbs depending on the puppy. Expected sizes listed next to any available puppies. 

Beans was born and raised here, she is 2nd Generation Rustic Lace. Her dam is City, sire is Kid. Beans's granddam is Risky and grandsire is Cowboy. 

1 BMF, 2 BMM, and 1 BTF 

Beans BMM1
Pet Price: $2500
This baby is headed to Wyoming and is surprise for his new momma!

Beans BTF
Pet Price: $1000
Expecting 12-14 lbs
REDUCED for PET ONLY! Call or text for special pricing!


Beans BMM2
Pet Price: $2500
On hold for Michelle! 


Beans BMM3
Pet Price: $2500
Congrats Linda G. in Ca!

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