Sundell x Beans 

Sundell is 11.5"                             Beans is 12.5"

Born July 24th 

Ready September 25th 

This is a first time cross,

expecting puppies to mature between 9-12" 

Beans was born and raised here, she is 2nd Generation Rustic Lace. Her dam is City, sire is Kid. Beans's granddam is Risky and grandsire is Cowboy. Sundell is a newer addition here and so far I love what he's producing!

1 BMF, 2 BMM and 1 BTM 

Beans BMF #1 

Spoken for, thank you Melissa!

Beans BTM

On hold

Beans BMM #1

Congratulations to the Barrera family on your new baby!! 

Beans BMM #2

Thank you to the Kent family in Texas for choosing Rustic Lace!

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